Which one is more beautiful? Inner beauty or outer beauty?


Since our childhood, we have learned many definitions of beauty and listened about beauty from the media around us. But till now many of them don’t know the real meaning of beauty. For some people, a girl with good looks and silky hair with chubby cheeks is defined as beautiful.

But there is more important beauty than looks or we can outer beauty.

What is more important to have?

Many people get attracted towards the outer beauty and neglect the inner beauty. You may have seen people with great looks but when they interact you don’t like the company of that person, and you also may have seen people with not good looks but when you started talking to them time flies and you feel great.

Inner beauty simply means the personality or character of a person. Outer beauty refers to the look of the person. Outer beauty can be pretended or can be a fake one but the inner beauty can never be the pretended or fake one. People will always appreciate the person who has inner beauty than outer beauty.

So now you know which beauty is more beautiful.

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