Is 20/15 Vision Good?


As per the United States standards of optometry, 20/20 is a concept equivalent to 6/6 vision measure used in United Kingdom. A 20/20 or 20/15 vision acuity is considered absolutely 100% eye sight in terms of sharpness and clarity by nature. Owing to old age and certain eye problems, this vision measure deteriorates with time. However, it can be corrected by various non-invasive medical procedures. 20/15 vision measure is a concept that is new in the optometry world and is gaining a lot of attention quite rapidly.  Here is what needs to be known about it;

Is 20/15 Vision Good?

Having a 20/15 vision is a blessing in disguise. Only 35% of the people across the world have the ability to see clearly at a distance of 20 feet and 20/15 implies a similar acuity of vision as 20/20 sight i.e 6/6.  20/15 along with 20/16, 20/17 and 20/20 vision are placed in the sharpest and highest natural vision acuity category by the International standards of Ophthalmology and it is most certainly the best vision.

20/15 vision meaning?

A 20/15 vision means that the person has a naturally clearer vision than 65% people do across the world. It is way above than average vision acuity. The person with 20/15 vision can perceive things placed 20 feet away clearly that otherwise will require a normal person to be at 15 feet distance. It gives an edge of 5 feet distance vision sharpness and clarity. Is 20/15 vision good question answered by the eye doctor in Orlando, Fl

20/15 VS 20/20 vision

There is not much difference reported by ophthalmologists across the world between 20/15 or 20/20 vision range. They both are exceptionally well and normal natural vision ranges. However, in terms of treatment protocols offered, 20/15 vision is certainly considered better than 20/20 vision.


Having a 20/15 vision means that the person has the ability to see everything in an ultra-HD mode naturally. 20/15 vision is considered a naturally perfect vision; however, there are certain other factors that also play their role in making a vision perfect. In terms of clarity and sharpness, 20/15 vision is impeccable and certainly a blessing of its own kind.

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