The Male Fashion and Beauty Movement That Changed Everything


Beauty and Fashion go hand in hand, some claim that fashion is more important than makeups and hairstyles. For men, suits were considered to be the biggest fashion trend for a long time. Suits were the symbol for Gentlemen.  But where did this reform begin in the first place? The answer goes back to the 18th century.

The Great Male Renunciation

The Great Male Renunciation refers to the historical phenomenon around the 1800s and a major turning point in men’s fashion and beauty. During the movement, Men( mainly the British and Italian) encouraged the suit as the main trend which ended up becoming a part of male heritage. The major changes in men’s fashion were:

  • Abolition of refined and exotic forms in dresses, reserved only for women
  • Renouncing the interest of men in beauty and fashion
  • Accepting dark and sober colors
  • The blurring of class distinction based on fashion
  • Getting dresses made specially from tailors. The suits needed to be of the perfect fitting.

Many different subcultures( Dandies, Steampunk) made changes to men’s style, the plain and simple look of suits never went out of fashion. Aristocrats, politicians and later businessmen accepted them as the standard part of the wardrobe and The Great Male Renunciation was the main reason behind it.

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