The Beauty Trends That Are Changing The Industry:


Beauty products and brands are born every day claiming to improve technology, materials used and having an eco-friendly product. The industry has seen significant changes and movements over the past few years. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the benefits and drawbacks of these products and demand more diversity and celebrate aging rather than despise it.

The biggest beauty trends among the customers:

  • Sustainability:

The negative impacts of cosmetics have been widely covered and the industry is seemingly parting its ways with plastic products and overuse of water. The brands are bringing more dry products for environmental and skin protection.

  • Diversity:

Most brands used to cater to a specific section of the audience which has changed over the past years. Movements have asked the companies to make products for all the races, ethnicities and genders.

  • Transparency:

Before, consumers would apply products without any knowledge or curiosity of its constituents. Now, customers demand transparency related to the science of the products and refuse to accept anything at face value. This has prompted the companies to reveal everything about the products.

Consumers are getting smarter and with the help of social media can put forward their views and demands. The industry has started listening to the audience and began changing their products and marketing.

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