Encadrement Sur Mesure Customized Framing And Varied Styles


Paintings are precious, whether one has created them or they have been gifted one; it doesn’t matter what the medium of an artwork is, it needs is the right care. Encadrement sur mesure is the right way to do that because it is important to get a customized picture frame made in order to protect any work of art.

The purpose of a picture frame

Any artist would want their work to be preserved for the longest time possible, a picture frame serves that purpose right, not only does it protect a painting by also gives it an aesthetic, decorative look. Furthermore, it also makes sure that the piece looks more presentable for fitting any situation perfectly. The correct picture frame is needed for different kinds of paintings. Encadrement sur mesure is required for numerous paintings due to their varied sizes and types of creations. It is of great significance to choose the right kind to bring the illustration out to life making it more admirable.

How is a picture frame constructed?

The construction of a picture frame requires great skill. It is usually built by a professional carpenter according to the requirement of the painting. The size, colour, shape of the artwork are few of the many aspects that need to be focused on when getting new encadrement sur mesures.

Well-known frame types 

The material used to make a picture frame is usually wood or metal. Wood is the more traditional way of making it. Different types of wood is used ranging from solid wood being the most expensive and durable one to medium-density fiberboard being the more affordable one. It depends on the creator which one they want for their art and why. On the other hand, metal is used. Mostly aluminium is utilized as it can be easily moulded into desired shapes and designs. Other than that is lightweight which is why it is also preferred more than wood.

  • Matting

Matting is a decorative lining given inside a picture frame. This helps compliment the piece. Also, it can help the dimensions of the artwork look larger.

  • Backing

The backing of the crucial part of a frame, it can be made of plastic, which is durable. Moreover, cardboard can be used which is cheap but acidic so it might damage the art piece and the best backing material is a foam core. A foam cores softness and light weight protects the painting best and it’s easily customizable.


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